Shapes and Colors

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shapes and color repositionable wall decals on child's wall
toddler pointing to shapes filled with primary colors
red circle repositionable wall decal

For infants and toddlers, learning begins at home with shapes, colors, letters and numbers.

Wallibees Shapes are filled in with primary and secondary colors incorporating the two concepts. This set includes:

  • red circle
  • yellow triangle
  • blue rectangle
  • green square
  • purple pentagon
  • orange oval

Shapes are very noticeable attributes of the world around us. Point out lines, angles, curves, circles and figures and teach your child that each shape has a name.

Learning shapes is an important precursor skill for both math and literacy.  Children will naturally begin to notice different shapes and begin to classify them. Recognizing shapes is also crucial for learning numbers and letters - both of which are really just a different type of shape.

When your child learns to discern the similarities and differences between shapes, they are using the same skills they need to recognize the differences between letters and numbers.

Have your child follow the outlines of these Wallibees shapes with their fingers. Finger Isolation creates the ability to move each finger, one at a time. This ability is important in the development of fine motor skills. Not only does it contribute to developing countless daily living skills, tracing also helps them to remember!

Our fabric wall decals are perfect for children's rooms! They are PVC free and printed with non-toxic vegetable ink.

These are 10" x 10" or 5" x 5".

The wall decals are removable, repositionable, reusable and easy to apply. They do not damage paint and they never leave behind a sticky residue on your walls!

We provide a kit with a small level to get it perfectly positioned!

Made in USA

We do our best to ship same day!

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