School Nurse Decals

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nurse with medical repositionable wall decal
Bandages repositionable wall decal
drop of blood repositionable wall decal
brain repositionable wall decal
eye chart repositionable wall decal
first aid kit repositionable wall decal
germ repositionable wall decal
glasses repositionable wall decal
Hand washing repositionable wall decal
heart repositionable wall decal
medicine repositionable wall decal
red cross
school nurse bag

These wall decals are great for decorating your school Nurse's Office! They work well for elementary schools because they are high quality, colorful, simple, and they make for great conversation starters!

This set was the idea of a very creative school nurse who asked if we would work with her. Since then, more nurses have made requests and we have added more! We are always open to new ideas! We are hoping other nurses will enjoy these images in their offices! We offer a fabric and a laminated version of:

  • Bandages
  • Blood Drop
  • Brain
  • Eye Chart
  • First Aid Chart
  • Germ
  • Glasses
  • Hand washing
  • Heart
  • Medicine
  • Otoscope
  • Red Cross
  • School Nurse Bag
  • Stethoscope
  • Thermometer
  • X-Ray
Our decals are perfect for applying on walls without leaving a sticky residue! They are PVC free and printed with non-toxic vegetable ink on a fabric base decal. They keep their color and can be moved and re-applied many, many times. They last for years! They do not damage paint. Images are 10" x 10". We can make these decals smaller or larger and priced accordingly. Please contact us!

    We provide a kit with a small level to get it perfectly positioned!

    Made in USA

    We do our best to ship same day!

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