Pet Families!

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Calico cats, Chihuahuas, Maine Coon cats, Guinea Pigs, English Bulldogs, Yorkshire Terriers repositionable wall decals
Two Yorkies repositionable wall decal

Beautifully detailed photography of pets with their babies. These are 12" x 12" repositionable fabric wall decals that are colorful and durable.

Who can resist these adorable little faces? Babies love babies and especially animal babies! The littlest child will be fascinated by just the photo. Older children may have questions such as what type of dog or cat it is. We chose not to put a word association with these. They could be described by what they are doing rather than what they are called. But if you are curious, there are:

  • Calico cats
  • Chihuahuas
  • Maine Coon cats
  • Guinea Pigs
  • English Bulldogs
  • Yorkshire Terriers
Also, the adult animal could be a "mommy, daddy, grandparent", etc in the eyes of the child. Let them use their imagination! If you happen to have a pet that looks like any of these, you can be sure the child will associate it with your "real" pet. These pictures can open up a dialog for children of any age group.

We have been told by many customers that their child will often chose a specific animal wall decal and talk to it. One little girl is known to greet them in the morning and say goodnight to them before bed. That just melts our hearts! We love hearing these stories!

When you create a nurturing space filled with excitement and wonder, you can help your child develop social, emotional, language, and cognitive skills. Babies love learning and thrive when they are surrounded in a wide variety of visual stimulation.

Our decals are the perfect way to stimulate your child’s curiosity. Change up the Wallibees often and see how they not only notice, but will gravitate towards their favorites! We recommend placing the Wallibees at the child's eye level. They also make great "diaper changing distractions" when babies become more mobile!

We make it easy to change out Wallibees because they adhere and remove easily. No damage to paint and no sticky residue left behind!

We can make these decals smaller or larger and priced accordingly. Please contact us!