More Shapes!! Tertiary Colors!

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six repositionable wall decals with color combinations to make teriary colors
red-orange heptagon repositionable wall decal

More Shapes!  Our newest collection of geometric shapes are filled in with tertiary colors so that you can teach your child/student about how primary and secondary colors look when they are blended with each other.  These have the  the combination of the two colors that made them.

  • Purple-Blue Diamond
  • Red-Purple Heart
  • Blue-Green Hexagon
  • Red-Orange Heptagon
  • Orange-Yellow Octagon
  • Yellow-Green Star
If you would like to show your child/students more about colors, this link shows the color wheel:

Our fabric wall decals are perfect for children's rooms or classrooms! They are PVC free and printed with non-toxic vegetable ink. These decals are 10" x 10" or 5" x 5".

The wall decals are removable, repositionable, reusable and easy to apply. They do not damage paint and they never leave behind a sticky residue on your walls!

We provide a kit with a small level to get it perfectly positioned!

Made in USA

We do our best to ship same day!

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