Safety Decals and Magnets

These are great ideas from amazing parents! These repositionable wall decals or (heavy duty 30 mil STOP magnet) can be placed where you don't want your child to venture. It can be a visual aid to warn them of danger. Or, use the green decal to give permission. The magnets are thick and will work indoors as well as outdoors. They are all 4" x 4". The wall decals can be placed on any non-porous surface.  Laminating can be requested.

We just added a green "Go!" and a Red line "Stop" 4"x4" repositionable decal to our collection!

I love hearing about ways to make your job easier and sharing tools to help you and your child. Keep the ideas coming! We've even had several customers who placed the stop decals on their screen doors so their dogs wouldn't go through the screens.... Hilarious, but it worked!

Made in USA

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